Shipping Policy

Reptile shipping days are Monday through Fridays and NEVER include Saturday – Monday. Reptile orders are processed in the evenings to stress the animals as little as possible. You will receive a tracking email after 7:00 pm Eastern on the day your order ships.

If temperatures at the FedEx hub located in Memphis, TN or the destination zip code are under (Overnight Low) 32°F or over 90°F we will not ship as it is not safe for the animals. We will ship on the next available shipping day that temperatures allow.

Note: We will only ship animals using the FedEx hold for pickup option during checkout if temperatures fall under or over the afore mentioned range. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND choosing this option at checkout to avoid any shipping delays due to temperatures.

Note: FedEx does not require a signature to leave the package. Live Reptiles Farm is not responsible for any package once it has been tendered to FedEx. If you are not going to be available to receive the package we recommend adding a specific date to the order notes to receive it or choose the FedEx hold for pickup option.

Reptiles purchased by 4:00 pm Eastern Tuesday – Wednesday will be shipped the same day excluding holidays and delays due to weather conditions.

Reptiles ship Tuesday and Wednesday for a flat rate of $49.99 via FedEx overnight service with early morning arrival.

We offer a hold for pickup option that can be selected during checkout for reptile shipping. Simply check the box next to “Hold Reptiles For Pickup at Fedex Location!” You will then be able to add your zip code and search for the closest location that accepts this package type. Once you choose the location you want the Order Notes will populate “Hold Reptiles for Pickup at FedEx Location” Along with the closest pickup location based on the location you chose. Reptiles orders ship business days Tuesday through Wednesday with the exception of holidays and weather-related events.

Dry Goods Shipping

Most dry goods not including frozen food items will be shipped via USPS 1-3 days (First Class or Priority). business days Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays and weather-related events. Some dry goods such as habitats and kits will ship via FedEx 2 Day Service.

Note: Dry goods purchased at the same time as reptiles will still be shipped separately through USPS or FedEx 2 Day Service.

Wholesale Shipping

Note: Wholesale reptile orders only ship overnight on Wednesdays and NEVER include Thursday – Tuesday. Reptile orders are processed in the evenings to stress the animals as little as possible. You will receive a tracking email after 7:00 pm Eastern time. Wholesale dry good orders ship via FedEx Ground.

Live Feeder Insect Shipping

Live Feeder Insects currently ship via USPS. Orders received by 4:00 pm EST are shipped the same day, Monday through Saturday excluding holidays. Because our feeder insects are perishable, we strongly urge orders be placed Monday through Thursday. Live Reptiles Farm services all contiguous states in the U.S. Once your order is placed and you receive an order number you will receive an email with your USPS tracking information after the order has been shipped. Should you not receive your order or have an order issue please contact us by filling out our contact form, email at

Feeder Insect Live Arrival Guarantee: Our feeder insects have a live arrival guarantee. This guarantee is honored when shipping into temperatures ranging from 30 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit and only if the customer is present to receive the package upon first delivery attempt. Packages left on doorsteps without being accepted by someone present at the delivery address are exempt from our live arrival guarantee. Remember your products can be shipped to your workplace or other acceptable locations.