Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for the FAST service! You may add this as a testimonial as well on your site if you would like. The Snapping turtle I ordered was super healthy and active upon opening the box and too to its new home (120gal) very quickly and within an hour had already had 3 of the medium feeder fish I had waiting for it! ALL I have to say is WOW was it bigger than described! Super awesome and will highly recommend! Also the Russian Tortoise came in fantastic health and was super excited to get out of the box! we let her run around our carpet a bit to get some exercise from the long trip until she had a bit of an accident on the carpet oh well she is in her temporary 40 GAL breeder tank till I get her pen finish maybe tomorrow she took a good drink of water and already eating lettuce and some zilla tortoise food. Thanks again Backwater.


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